Download Lagu NEFFEX - Chance

NEFFEX · 16 May 2018
Download Lagu NEFFEX - Chance

Download Lagu Chance - NEFFEX Mp3 dan lirik lagu pada Download Kumpulan Lagu NEFFEX Terbaru, Download Lagu Chance yang mana dipopulerkan oleh NEFFEX Lagu Mp3 Secara Gratis, Cepat dan Mudah dengan kualitas audio terbaik.

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Judul Chance
Album Chance - Single
Genre Hip-Hop/Rap
Dirilis 16 May 2018
Durasi 03:44
Ukuran 3.42MB
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

Silahkan amati langkah-langkah untuk unduh dan download lagu Neffex Chance yang dipersembahkan oleh musisi favorit kamu dalam MP3 lagu terbaik 2020. Nikmati juga lirik dari lagu NEFFEX - Chance Copyright Free dan video klip Neffex Chance yang tersedia pada artikel saat ini. NEFFEX baru-baru ini merilis lagu terbaru karya mereka berjudul Neffex Chance.

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Unduh Mp3 Neffex Chance, size 3.33MB dengan durasi 03:38 menit dilengkapi dengan kualitas audio MP3 jernih yang mana adalah 320kbps, HD video MP4 dan lirik lengkap, diupload dari NEFFEX. Dapatkan tautan download Neffex Chance free, mudah dan cepat.

Chance oleh NEFFEX

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oh we gonna play now
ready for the show
I’m about to take down
you already know
get the fuck outta my face now
yea you gotta go
man I’m on the chase now
leave me on my own
I got a chance to break now
here I fuckin go
take control of fate now
I control my flow
and I know that I’ll be great how
putting on a show
I know that ima stay loud
drowning out the no’s

the haters always thinkin that, they can fucking break me
they’re better of eating their own words like pastry’s
hate me and you better find some fucking safety
I’m coming in hot like a bad bitch in pasties
can’t save me no
i ain’t lazy no
but society has me going so crazy yo
don’t play me no
my minds hazy yo
and I’m sick of me feeling this way daily yo

and I will always live my life till it’s over
and I will not forgive those who hold me down
and I will never give up I’m moving forward
and I will never miss my chance take it now

you got one life,
so live it right
keep your friends tight
and your family in sight
never cease to fight
for the things you think are right
cuz you just might find
you control your own mind, ay
you’ll be fine
just take your time ay
enjoy the climb ay
enjoy the grind ay
you never really know what’s on the other side
till you give that shit a try
know the limit is the sky
make em take it back
what they said about you
every time they doubt you
make that shit about you
forget about the clout yo
fuck the word of mouth yo
keep your head down yo
work until your found yo
fight until you make it
yo don’t think it no just take it
don’t wait for someone to break it
take control and don’t just fake it
ay you can make it happen
you just gotta take some action
take the ship and be the captain
head on out and don’t look back yea

and I will always live my life till it’s over
and I will not forgive those who hold me down
and I will never give up I’m moving forward
and I will never miss my chance take it now

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