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NEFFEX · 17 May 2017
Download Lagu NEFFEX - Crown

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Judul Crown
Album Crown - Single
Genre Hip-Hop/Rap
Dirilis 17 May 2017
Durasi 03:44
Ukuran 3.42MB
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

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Crown oleh NEFFEX

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it's our time to shine
yo that's the kind
of state of mind
you gotta combine
with hard work and time
you gotta to climb to the top
don't let yourself drop till your heart stops
let this beat rock
got a new clock
and a new stock
for this new rock
just let your mind loose from the noose doc
drunk of the goose thinkin that I'm Tupac
getting caught with a few thoughts
cuz I'm too lost

I'm about to go off
the speakers can't even handle me
give it what I got
nobody's gon drain my energy
I will never stop
I'm motivated by enemies
setting up shop
so everybody remember me

and no I am not
going thru life regretfully
Id rather work non stop
what they call incessantly
than work some odd job
just to live life pleasantly
already got lost
in my mind not a fantasy
I'm getting ancy

we're the forgotten souls
so stop drop and roll
ya lost all control
and pop off ur bold
I got squat I fold
I'm not bought I'm sold
my stock rocks it's gold
hey knock knock behold

it's tick tock to close
I ain't stopping though
it's hip hop you know
or is it rock and roll?
I'm not dropping dough
no my pockets grow
u can't stop the show
so get rocking oh!

so let me break break break it all down for you
I ain't never giving up I aint never giving in
you know I'm take take taking that crown from you
I ain't worried bout yuh i aint here to make friends

I ain't never slowing down
keep on growing till I'm found
na Im never slowing down
cuz were blowing up now

2nd verse:
I carve words like a weapon
attack with no questions
in my own section
and they still disconnected
cuz their minds been infected
and they're filled with objection
too filled for recollection
so we're losing all attention

they don't know I'm in contention
cuz I'm gaining their attention
cuz I'm making a connection
lyricism and aggression

got me feeling my ascension
in my passion my profession
I'm attacking my obsession
taking action and progressing ah

I go off on the enemy
that's what makes them scared of me
make my plans carefully
then execute them daringly

they say I act recklessly
but that's why im effective see
you can't predict my tendencies
I offer no transparency

some people think I'm lost
others think I'll be a legend
and I'm never gunna stop
till I'm one above second
and my thoughts at the top
but my mind stay present
don't let your dreams stop
cuz dreaming is a blessing

yea they doubt me all the same
told me I won't make a name
but it's not about the fame
it's about keeping me sane

so I stay within my lane
feel my blood pump through my veins
feel adrenaline no pain
welcome all to my domain

so let me break break break it all down for you
I ain't never giving up I aint never giving in
you know I'm take take taking that crown from you
I ain't worried bout yuh i aint here to make friends

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