Download Lagu NEFFEX - Light It Up

NEFFEX · 22 March 2017
Download Lagu NEFFEX - Light It Up

Download Lagu Light It Up dari NEFFEX Mp3 dilengkapi lirik lagu di Download Koleksi Lagu NEFFEX Terkini, Download Lagu Light It Up yang dipopulerkan oleh NEFFEX Mp3 dan Mp4 Secara Gratis, Cepat dan Mudah dengan kualitas suara terbaik.

Download Lagu NEFFEX - Light It Up ♫ bisa kamu unduh secara gratis. Untuk melihat detil Light It Up mp3, maka klik Tombol Download yang mana dapat kamu temukan dibawah, kemudian untuk link download-lagu-light-it-up.mp3 tersedia dalam jendel setelahnya, peroleh Light It Up dalam format seperti mp3 juga mp4 dilengkapi dengan kualitas terbaik tentunya hanya pada web ini.

Judul Light It Up
Album Light It Up - Single
Genre Hip-Hop/Rap
Dirilis 22 March 2017
Durasi 03:44
Ukuran 3.42MB
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

Sekilas Info untuk di amati tips unduh dan download lagu Neffex Light It Up yang dipersembahkan oleh musisi kesukaan kamu dalam MP3 lagu populer tahun 2020. Ketahui juga lirik mp3 NEFFEX - Light It Up🔥🤘 Copyright Free dan video klip Neffex Light It Up yang tersedia pada artikel saat ini. NEFFEX baru saja merilis lagu mp3 terbaru karya mereka dengan judul Neffex Light It Up.

Download Lagu Neffex Light It Up Gratis

Unduh Lagu Neffex Light It Up, size 3.33MB dengan durasi 03:38 menit dilengkapi dengan kualitas audio MP3 terbaik yaitu 320kbps, video youtube serta lirik lengkap, diunggah dari NEFFEX. Peroleh link download Neffex Light It Up free, mudah dan cepat.

Light It Up oleh NEFFEX

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✦✦✦✦✦ NEFFEX ✦✦✦✦✦

oh yea you fucking with NEFFEX!!
so r u ready for the best?
said r u ready for the best?
let's go!

yea I said I got this I'm in it
I'm hella filthy so I got this I'm winning
im not a quitter so I'm not fucking quitting
just try to stop me and you'll drop dead missing
I'm on my way to the top now listen
I ain't never gunna stop too driven
I ain't never getting lost got vision
Ima make this shit hot ignition

yo give me facts not fiction
then you know I'll fucking listen
cuz I'm on a fucking mission

man you got to be driven
cuz this world is unforgiving
your the only one that's winning
or the only one that's quitting

so get up and stay committed
don't be asking for permission
hit the gas after ignition
and start acting like your winning

make ur own damn decisions
don't let others make you victims
have a thought and have a vision
don't get caught up in the millions

yea Ima make this shit hot!
oh Ima light this shit up
yea Ima make this shit hot!
Ima light this shit up

i said I got this I'm on it
give me 5 years and I got what I wanted
I'ma go ahead and finish all that I started
Ima go ahead and get it all uncharted

I can make this place go off like a rocket
I could give a fuck if you hate it or you love it
I don't do this shit cuz I think that your on it
I just do this shit cuz I know that I want it

I could give a fuck if I dieeeee today
If ima go out it's my fucking way
at least I'll go out with some pride to my name
with a fight not a pray that's my fucking way

y'all can sit back and think you heard the best of me
I can guarantee that you haven't seen the rest of me
I can guarantee that this shits gon be my destiny
and I will never sleep till I make it then I'll Rest In Peace


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