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NEFFEX · 06 September 2017
Download Lagu NEFFEX - Unstoppable

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Judul Unstoppable
Album Fight Back: The Collection
Genre Hip-Hop/Rap
Dirilis 06 September 2017
Durasi 03:44
Ukuran 3.42MB
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

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Unstoppable oleh NEFFEX

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I'm unstoppable
do the impossible
I'm irresponsible
yet I'm phenomenal
I got an arsenal
I'm dropping bombs you know
no I'm not stopping no
conquer the obstacle

to the top
here I go think Im chosen
to be the king of rock
think the people have spoken
I can hear the tic toc
of the clock I'm in motion
so now I'm gunna pop
causing all this commotion

sometimes I think that I'm unstoppable
ready to go man lock and load
I swear to god that I could drop you bro
i got a shot i ain't stopping no
that's how I know that I'm unstoppable

I don't care what they all say
ima do this thing my way
been grinding hard on it all day
we work hard then we all play

I'm addicted to the grind man
so I refuse to waste time man
one day it all will be fine man
gotta commit to the climb man

you know we're back with the Guinness
setting records every minute
every track an addiction
to the fact that we're winning

still we lack something's missing
need a track that is hitting
makin racks makin millions
if you ask that's the mission

I don't waste time
no I make time
all these people wanna hate fine
Ima make mine
while you sittin there complaining
I'll be training
while you sittin there just waiting
I'm creating

sometimes I think that I'm unstoppable
ready to go man lock and load
I swear to god that I could drop you bro
i got a shot i ain't stopping no
that's how I know that I'm unstoppable

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