Download Lagu NEFFEX - Who the Fuck Is Neffex!?

NEFFEX · 12 April 2017
Download Lagu NEFFEX - Who the Fuck Is Neffex!?

Download Lagu Who the Fuck Is Neffex!? - NEFFEX Mp3 dan lirik lagu di Download Lagu NEFFEX Terupdate, Download Musik Who the Fuck Is Neffex!? yang mana dipopulerkan oleh NEFFEX Mp3 dan Mp4 Gratis, Cepat dan Mudah dengan kualitas audio terbaik.

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Judul Who the Fuck Is Neffex!?
Album Who the Fuck Is Neffex!? - Single
Genre Electronic
Dirilis 12 April 2017
Durasi 04:44
Ukuran 4.33MB
Audio Summary MP3, 48 kHz

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Who the Fuck Is Neffex!? oleh NEFFEX

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Lirik Who the Fuck Is Neffex!? - NEFFEX

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Verse 1:

We've been ballin out since we were mother fuckin 15
Steady coming up in what they like to call the OC
Cruising in A Chevy every weekend to a new beach
woofer in the back playing music was our routine
Parties on the weekends at the house that everyone knows
Parents never home so that's the spot where everyone goes
Hookin up with girls who never seem to wear enough clothes
Always broken up by cops that tell us all to go home.


Save us now
these kids are running from their dreams never feeling free we must stop this now
Make it count
this life is nothing but a story don't let it be boring we must never back down
Make a sound
Don't be quiet for the others, strength it comes in numbers so we must be loud
Hope is found
and if we never hit the ground keep our head up in the clouds we will make it somehow

I won't stop, if you don't stop, if we don't stop, we'll hit the top

Verse 2:

Chilling at the beach with a couple girls from highschool
Got one for us each blonde hair and their eyes blue
Growing up in Cali that's the type you're seeing ride thru
No I ain't complaining man we love that it's a nice view
Stealing lots of booze from the mall on the weekends
Cuz we wanna drink until our brains stop thinking
Pouring cheap vodka into bottles of that grey goose
Cuz the ladies wanna think their sipping on that good juice.

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